To the general public, especially all members of the Federation, past, present, and future:

I, Augustine Fong -founder of Fong's Wing Chun Gung Fu Federation, wish to clearly explain my motivations and expectation as a teacher.

  • I am willing to share my experience and knowledge in Wing Chun. I ask only that those who use my methods use them with a good heart. In other words; be sincere in your learning, teaching, and help those in need (i.e. charity work).
  • I welcome to the Federation all who share a sincere desire to learn and have a good heart to help others.
  • I consider those who attend my Tucson school and receive personal instruction from me and those who trained under my correspondence course and come to my school in Tucson on a continuing regular basis to be my students. This does not include people who learn solely from my video tapes and books. These are good reference materials, but are not meant as replacements for personal instruction.
  • I expect my students to adhere to the following:
    • Purify your physical action: do not cause trouble or harm to anything through your Wing Chun skill. Help people with your good heart. Do good charity work.
    • Purify your speech: Do not speak badly or negatively of anything. Do not tear down any other practitioner of a martial art. Speak the true at all time. Be truthful and honesty to yourself and the other.
    • Purify your thoughts: Do not think badly or negatively of anything. As with the speech, you must not even think poorly of any other fellow practitioner. Be forgiveness.

My goals are to spread the knowledge of Wing Chun gung Fu to all who are interested, expand the Fong's Wing Chun family, and to give to those in need. It is not my goal to involve politics in the Federation or in my association with others.

  • I have no designated representatives. No one speaks for me. My wish is that all my students earn their own reputation using their own Wing Chun skills. Your skills, not your teacher’s or your style’s name, will carry you.
  • I do not endorse Fong's Wing Chun Instructors or franchised instructors at other schools. The Tucson school is separate and independent from all other schools.
  • Those who use my methods and ideas in teaching can do so freely. I will do what I can to help you. I do not require or expect any royalties or fees. The only condition is that you use your own name and assume all risks and liabilities.
  • Instructors from other schools are welcome to attend classes and seminars, however, attendance does not imply endorsement of a particular instructor, school, training method, or martial system.
  • Those who practice Chinese Martial Arts should show respect to their fellow classmates and teachers by understanding and using the traditional titles listed in the Chinese Gung Fu Title System.

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I hold an annual reunion during the first weekend of May. Its purpose is to keep in touch with all of you, to share my evolving methods, and to cultivate good energy. I also use this time to observe your progress and improvements.

I wish you all well on your journey to another level. Along the way I hope you will respect my intentions and help me to advance my goals by sharing your knowledge and resources with other, especially those in need.